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New or Used? Which is Best for You?

The time you’ve waited for so long is finally here – you’ve passed your driver’s license test, and it’s time to pick out a new (or used) car. So how will you decide which car is the one for you? Of course, shopping for a new car depends on your budget, and also on whether […]

Maintaining A Car

If you’re like most teenagers, daydreams about getting your license do not involve driving a beat-up clunker, struggling to pay for gas, or begging your parents for the cash to pay for repairs. However, unless you prepare in advance, that’s often the reality of the situation. Before you get behind the wheel, make sure you […]

Saving for Your First Car

You can see yourself behind the wheel, smiling as you cruise down the road, music playing, not a care in the world…but wait! Before you make a move toward getting your first car, take this quick quiz; simply answer yes to no to the following: Do I need a car? Can I afford to buy […]